理解领导管理: 将点击转化为客户

必威 helps you track 新线索 every step of the way so you can turn curious shoppers into regular customers.


了解 每一个领导

Building strong customer relationships and 回报的业务收入 需要一个长期的 投资. That means you must understand what your potential customers are looking for, so you can deliver the right information in the moments that matter.

More effective than your own sales team, happy customers not only increase your 品牌知名度 but provide you with advocacy that you cannot get anywhere else. 当你 personalize your approach, you pave the way to customer satisfaction.

必威 helps you personalize your outreach with 每一个新领导 so you can stop digging for details and quickly start having the right 对话 和你的领导.


管理你的 铅管道

Customers don’t just magically show up at your doorstep — you need to guide them along and show them the value of what you have to offer. You need a way to easily track and follow up on 领导.

Guiding them through their brand discovery into a 忠诚的客户 isn’t quite like opening the floodgates and stepping aside. 每一个 potential customer is on a different journey than another one and needs 被这样接近.

必威 helps you organize and view all your 领导 in one place so you can see the full context of every customer interaction — and close 交易更迅速.

减少 领导管理噪音

你花了很多功夫 营销工作 that bring in 新线索 — but it’s easy to let them slip through 裂缝.

不仅 让你的领导 in the first place take time and effort, but you need to maintain that 贯穿于客户的旅程. 如果你只专注于 obtaining that lead, you risk losing out on maintaining the future sales 他们可以带来. It may seem like a juggling act but help is available.

必威 helps you eliminate all the busy work and administrative tasks that take time away from you actually 连接ing and following up with 新线索. We also help you weed through spam and bots so you focus only 对你有帮助的线索 业务增长.


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Lead management would not be possible without first lead generation. 没有 线索,你就不用管了. 也会产生潜在客户 from outboard sources (cold calls, advertising, email schemes) or inbound sources (社交媒体、PPC、推荐).

Once you’ve started compiling 你的列表 from lead generation, it 转变为领导管理. 但请记住,并不是所有的可能性 客户是平等的. Some customers will be considered sales qualified and ready to buy or 注册你的服务. 其他仍处于研究阶段.

Lead management allows you to know where each person is and how to nurture 他们变成了 诚意的客户.


Once you've established (or captured) your 领导, you move into cleansing 你的列表. You want to make sure you only put time and effort into 领导 where the likelihood of them qualifying as a customer is high. 对于那些 that need very little nurturing because they are ready to buy, they go 直接交给销售团队. Others who need more resources or information, but still qualify as a good lead will go into the lead nurturing stage 接收跟进.

从精心安排开始 营销计划 建立你的品牌形象 获得领导. Remember 领导 can come from many avenues, including referrals, 电子邮件获取, 社交媒体 参与和对外努力.

当你的列表 生长, consider a software service such as Zoho or Salesforce to help manage 对你的清单进行分析. 营销专家,如 必威 can also maintain lead management if you prefer external support.


Lead management can help your 业务增长 by understanding better where 你的线索是从哪里来的,怎么来的 连接更 与他们. Some things you should consider with lead management.


你应该试着 连接 with the customers that fill out a form or try to call you within 15 minutes 的提交. Having speed be a part of your lead management goals will add credibility and trust to incoming customers and existing customers.


培训你的员工 to be friendly with your customers and actively try to help their needs will improve your lead management and improve the amount of 领导 that 变成客户. You can provide training, record calls for training, 给予奖励 for customer service, or find other ways to make sure it's a part of your 服务行业的文化.


Having a lead management dashboard to see where everything is coming in 以及它与你的 营销工作 can help you make sure you aren’t wasting your money.

这不仅仅是 只是业务

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“Since working with 必威, we've had nothing but record-breaking revenue months... We always hear back from our rep within 10 to 15 minutes.”
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