An 广告策略  To Find The Best Clients

With 必威 you get a customized advertising strategy built around your ideal customer and your budget. 


获得新客户 为你的公司

必威 has the strategy and team you need to grow your law firm with advertising targeted at your ideal client.

Becoming top of mind doesn’t have to be out of reach. 找到合适的 clients and get in front of them with a good message that produces leads for your practice area.

必威 gets your brand in front of your target clients on the platforms they use most like 谷歌, Yahoo/Bing, and 脸谱网 so they recognize your services when they need them.


使用数据驱动 你的广告

必威 advertising assets are designed to drive conversion rates and start client journeys on the right page. Our marketing campaigns start with data optimization and take your brand exactly where it needs to go — with just a few clicks.


制造机会. 很容易.

Follow up with clients who respond to your ads and turn any interaction into a new relationship. 必威 lets you connect ads to your website so you can see what’s driving traffic, and gives you the platform to communicate with audiences, helping you turn excellent advertising into excellent business.


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Amazing things happen when your marketing works.

经常 问问题

  • What Is 广告策略?

    Creating a plan on how you want to advertise your firm on 脸谱网, 谷歌, Bing /雅虎, and other channels will help you to achieve your business growth goals. A plan may include your ideal client, areas of client services, and how much you want to spend.

  • Why Do I Need 广告策略?

    A powerful, targeted advertising strategy goes beyond targeting the right audiences. The tools that 必威 provides will help you turn those connections into meaningful client relationships and more business for your firm.

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