If you are a lawyer, you know that your education is always evolving. 事实上, lawyers spend nearly a third of their working hours conducting legal research, which comes out to about 15 hours a week for most people. This adds up to a great deal of time spent researching, but the good news for lawyers is that there is a range of resources available online. We all know that you can’t trust everything you read on the Internet, so it is important for lawyers to be aware of the best resources in order to bring the most accurate information to every case.

如果你是执业律师, most of the resources you needed in law school were readily available at your fingertips. 当你开始自己练习时, 有这么多的资源可供选择, and we understand that it can feel a bit overwhelming. 在必威, we aim to help lawyers succeed in every facet of their practice, from researching important topics to marketing their skills. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the best online resources for lawyers. Check it out below and access the information you need to stay ahead of the competition:


Many of the popular resources that lawyers use for research are membership-based, but there are also plenty of free resources available online. These can be useful when you want some basic background information about relevant facts to your case. You can also use these resources to stay up-to-date on developments in the legal field and maintain your confidence in your practice:


The 哈佛大学法学院 website calls 凌驾于法律之上 the best site for the “latest legal gossip,但它是50,000名读者知道它远不止这些. If you want to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings in the legal industry, 这绝对是一个你想要经常访问的网站. 凌驾于法律之上 offers news and insights about the biggest names in the industry and gives fresh commentary on breaking news in the legal world. You will naturally impress your clients with your wealth of knowledge if you stay informed through 凌驾于法律之上.

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law offers a plethora of news articles that cover major cases, 交易, 还有法律领域的最新进展. The platform gives free access to its research services to legal professionals and pro bono attorneys. It is a combination of Bloomberg Law News and Bloomberg Industry Group’s legal content. Bloomberg Law offers high levels of support for those in law school and professionals in the legal field alike.


哈佛大学法学院 is another great source of legal news, articles, and analyses. 在他们强大的网站上, 你会找到最高法院的案件摘要, 美国最近法律发展的新闻, 和政府事务. One of the best aspects of the 哈佛大学法学院 aggregation is that it is delivered from an unbiased and factual perspective. With the nature of today’s media, this impartiality can be hard to come by. That is why 哈佛大学法学院 is such a trusted news source for attorneys who must always set biases aside and represent clients in the best light possible.


Justia is an Internet service that offers legal information to professionals in the field. It is one of the largest online databases of case information. Justia garners over 10 million visits every month, and there is a good reason for that. Justia offers a quick and comprehensive way to gain access to court documents without sifting through complicated files. These documents could even be essential in winning your case, 所以这是一个值得一看的网站.


谷歌法律学者 provides a simple way to search for a variety of scholarly literature. 任何人都可以搜索和访问数据库. It was created with individuals of the academic world in mind, but anyone who needs to conduct research can benefit from its resources. 例如, 谷歌法律学者 is a great place for a lawyer to conduct initial research and get an idea of what cases will help them make their argument. It is important that legal scholars use credible back-up sources when referencing this website, as the platform does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. However, the platform is free and easy-to-use, so it can be a great kickstart to your research.


为了任何事业的成功, 有必要投入大量的时间, 钱, 和能源, 对于法律实践来说也是如此. Free resources on the Internet can be useful starting points for your research. To take this a step further and access exclusive information, you might need to purchase some subscriptions to legal platforms and databases. Some membership-based resources you might want to consider investing in for your firm include:


The 美国律师协会 is one of the world’s largest voluntary professional organizations. ABA continuously updates tools and resources to help move the practice and the legal profession forward. American Bar Association offers a free trial for membership to any lawyer who is not currently a member. 一年之后, you will receive an invoice for the next year’s membership, at which point you can decide whether you have benefited from the services enough to renew. Annual membership starts at $75, and many lawyers find that the membership pays for itself.


Westlaw相比 is the industry leader for legal research platforms and tools. 如果你在你的法律生涯中使用过Westlaw相比, then you might know that it is the most commonly used paid legal research service. The website is an online legal research platform that gives lawyers access to cases, 法规, 工作忙碌, 新闻报道, 和更多的. The cost of a subscription depends on the extent of services that you can access, 但Westlaw相比的起价是每月89美元.


律商联讯 has a wide range of resources for the legal research and review industry. The mission of 律商联讯 is to help lawyers win cases, 更有效地管理他们的工作, 更好地代表他们的客户. 律商联讯 compiles its information from public records, including documents from courthouses and government agencies.

律商联讯 offers different pricing for small firms and corporate attorneys. 对小公司, pricing starts at $85 a month and goes up to $250 a month depending on the extent of the cases that the firm wants to access. 对于公司律师事务所, pricing starts at $595 a month and goes up to $978 a month for a premium subscription. Although 律商联讯 is certainly an investment for lawyers, it is still one of the top names in legal research due to its world-class content and sophisticated analytics.


The Association of Corporate Counsel is a professional association that serves the business interests of attorneys. On their website, members have access to a wide range of resources organized by interest area. Specific interest areas include commercial and contracts, 合规和职业道德, 金融服务, 卫生法律, 和许多更多. There are a few membership options that will allow you to become a part of this global network of legal specialists. The membership tiers range from $399 for the highest tier to $99 for the lowest tier.


Lexology is a popular resource that lawyers can use to locate law firm articles and stay up-to-date on the latest legal news. The site offers both free accounts and premium subscription-based services. Its online library includes more than 850,000 articles, including 450 new articles every day. Their content comes from over 900 law firms and service providers around the world. Signing up for a free membership gives lawyers access to read the articles. Those who want to include their own content can pay an annual fee, which starts around $3000. Lexology职业, 基于订阅的服务, also gives lawyers access to in-depth content and other powerful features.

Lawyers who turn to the Internet for help with research will find that there is no shortage of resources available. Choosing the best platforms for your needs might take some trial and error (no pun intended). 就像数字营销一样, investing some time in exploring your options will save you plenty of time and 钱 in the long run. All the best lawyers rely on functional, informative platforms to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Many of them rely on a cutting-edge digital marketing team to help them demonstrate this knowledge to their potential clients as well. When it comes to matters of the law, information and evolution are the keys to success.

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