The Best 情报 To Grow Your Dental Practice

必威 intelligence gives you access to the best technology to know your patients, make smart ad buying decisions, improve your search engine ranking, and grow your dental practice revenue.


Get The Right Patient For Less  With 广告 技术

广告 is expensive. It’s important to make the right ad purchasing decisions so you don’t waste time and money in growing your practice.

必威 uses artificial intelligence to make ad purchases that bring in your ideal patient at a lower price.

"We are up by 15% in patient volume and revenue. Now we have busy days every day."

Dr. 露丝·埃德蒙兹括号博士. 露丝


Improve Your Search Engine  Ranking With 技术

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a black box that is hard to understand 有时. It is also an important piece of building or maintaining your dental practice marketing by spending less money.

必威 technology uses artificial intelligence to help you know what terms you need to rank for and how exactly to get there. Our team will manage and grow your dental practice audience with SEO.

Grow Your Practice With  The Right 技术

Growing your dental practice can be faster and easier with the right technology and marketing.

必威 technology helps you set up growth goals and achieves them by using the right mix of marketing and referral business.

“Before, my schedule was spotty, which was frustrating because I had to spend all day at the office just to see a few patients. 现在,我 get to pack my day with patients. Every dollar I spend with 必威 is a chance to be more effective in my business."

Dr. Chris Eastman Eastman Dental Care


经常 Asked Questions

  • What Is 情报 技术?

    技术 that provides the insights you need to help you grow your practice. With artificial intelligence and machine learning you can rank higher on Google and Bing/Yahoo searches, see visual dashboards on how to improve your dental practice, and make smart ad buying decisions.

  • Why Do I Need 情报 技术?

    The right intelligence technology can help you understand where your best patients are coming from and how to get more of them.

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Amazing things happen when your marketing works.

It's More Than Just 业务

We exist to positively impact our clients’ businesses and their future.

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"I get to pack my day with appointments, which is a more productive use of my time, not to mention more financially lucrative for my practice. Every dollar I spend with 必威 is a chance to be more effective in my business."
Chris Eastman 牙医, Eastman Dental Care
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